Fort Mojave Indians

Mojave Indians are best known as “The People by The River.” The Mojave Indians people that the tribal spirit “Mutavilya” created the Colorado River including the animals and plants and that he instated the Mojave Indians in the first act of civilization. The Mojave Indians were known as good famers with excellent networks of trade that stretch as far as the Pacific Ocean.


In 1859 an American military outpost was established along the banks of the Colorado River. This outpost was originally called Camp Colorado and was established to ensure the safe journey of immigrants from the east out to the west. Camp Colorado was renamed Fort Mojave/Fort Mohave soon after its establishment.


In 1891 the military closed its fort. These buildings were transformed into boarding schools which successfully ran until 1930. The ruins of these buildings can still be seen today. They are located on a bluff overlooking the Colorado River on the south boundary of Bullhead City.

The Fort Mojave Indian Reserve is located near Needles, California along the Colorado River. The size of this reservation is quiet expansive 42,000 acres. The land is divided into three areas – Mojave County Arizona 23,669 acres; Needles, California 12,633 acres and Clark County Nevada 5,582 acres. The tribal head-quarters is located in Needles, California.

Fort Mohave/ Mojave is full of recreational opportunities that tie into the Colorado River. There is also two tribal casinos.

In February of each year the native festival Pow Wow brings Native Americans to Fort Mohave/ Mojave to celebrate with dance and music competitions. Also large displays of the tribal culture are on show.